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We want you to succeed! Foster parenting is one of the kindest investments you can make of your life in the life of a needy child!  It also provides joys, challenges and opportunities for personal growth!

Methodist Foster Care recruits, trains, certifies and supports Therapeutic Foster Families throughout all of Louisiana. Our Foster Care Recruiters cover our state’s various regions.

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Call a Methodist Foster Care Recruiter in Your Region
Northeast Louisiana – Marvin Payne – 1-318-582-2439
Northwest Louisiana – Adriane Ross 1-318-225-9431
Central Louisiana – Rebekah Galle – 1-318-266-8425
Southeast Louisiana – Jennifer Savoie – 1-985-900-2356
Southwest and Acadiana – Sara McBroom – 1-337-347-9729
Statewide – Colby Hennigan – 1-318-266-8425

We Want You to Succeed as a Foster Parent
Methodist Foster Care works hard to make sure our foster families are successful!  We begin our work by providing the training and information required to achieve certification.  Then we can conduct the required home studies and background checks to ensure our children are placed in secure, loving homes.

After being recruited, trained and certified, we work to ensure the best fit we can between a foster child and your trained, certified, therapeutic foster home.  We are on call 24/7 for our foster parents!

We provide the most generous daily board rate available in Louisiana for therapeutic foster care which reimburses for clothing, room and board, and other needs.  We also provide routine, on-going training and special training on specific topics.  In addition, when you need assistance or information, we are there to support you and enhance the care you provide to a child who needs a home. When you need a break – and we know you will – we have Respite Care available.

Foster Parents Qualifications
These are the requirements for Therapeutic Foster Parents:

  • You must be at least 25 years of age.
  • You may be single or married.
  • You must have a combination of 4 years of college or direct experience.
  • You must be able to meet your family’s financial needs.
  • You must be in sound physical and mental health.
  • You must live in a home with sufficient space for a foster child.
  • You must pass state and federal criminal background checks.
  • You must participate in training.
  • You must participate and pass a home study.

If that sounds like you, then we need to talk!

Call the Methodist Foster Care office nearest you and speak with one of our helpful Foster Care Recruiters. Discover how you can do the kindest act for a child – become a foster caregiver!

Colby Hennigan is the Methodist Foster Care Recruiter for central Louisiana.
Colby Hennigan

Mr. Colby Hennigan

Methodist Foster Care Lead Recruiter
1 (318) 266-8425
Adriane Rosse is the Methodist Foster Care Recruiter for Northwest Louisiana.
Adriane Ross
Northwest Louisiana

Ms. Adriane Ross

Methodist Foster Care Recruiter
1 (318) 225-9431
Marvin Payne is the Methodist Foster Care Recruiter for north Louisiana.
Marvin Payne
Northeast Louisiana

Mr. Marvin Payne

Methodist Foster Care Recruiter
1 (318) 582-2439
Rebekah Galle is the Methodist Foster Care Recruiter for Central Louisiana.
Rebekah Galle
Central Louisiana

Ms Rebekah Galle

Methodist Foster Care Recruiter
1 (318) 266-8425
Sara McBroom is the Methodist Foster Care Recruiter for southwest Louisiana.
Sara McBroom
Southwest Louisiana and Acadiana

Ms. Sara McBroom

Methodist Foster Care Recruiter
1 (337) 347-9729
Jennifer Savioe is the Methodist Foster Care Recruiter in southeast Louisiana.
Jennifer Savoie
Baton Rouge, Southeast Louisiana and Greater NOLA

Ms. Jennifer Savoie

Methodist Foster Care Recruiter
1 (985) 900-2356