Offer Respite Care

What is Respite Care?
When a certified foster family temporarily cares for a child who lives in a TFC home, this temporary care is called “Respite Care”.

Why is Respite Care Necessary?
Usually provided during a weekend, Respite Care gives a child’s regular foster family a break. Foster families have family emergencies they may need to take care of away from home. Respite Care gives regular foster families the time they need to attend to an illness or death in their family. Because foster care can be stressful on family routines and relationships, accessing Respite Care is an essential for every foster care placement.

How Can I Offer Respite Care?
Respite Care Homes are trained, certified, and supported just like our regular therapeutic foster homes. If you are interested in providing Respite Care for a child, please contact our Foster Care Recruiters in the office nearest you – or stop by and visit in person!

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